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Below you will find the archive-file which contains all the definitions for all the (virtual) bricks that have been digitized.

• Download the Library (v543, compatible with POV-Ray 3.7)
  3,710,917 bytes, added August 2nd, 2018 @ 11:08:37 UTC
  SHA-256 checksum: bd74ab5e21d690c4b163e985977cba90be091988fbe6f4441d8561e4b4330847

Could be important:
In order to check the SHA-256 checksum after downloading a file from this website, simply open your Terminal application and type:

  shasum -a 256

and yes, there should be an extra space after the number 256.

Now drag the file into the Terminal window and press return. Now you should see the SHA-256 checksum for the file on your computer, which should be equal to the one on this website!