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How to install POV-Ray 3.7 under Ubuntu 17.10 or 18.04 LTS
Several people have asked us, how to use POV-Ray 3.7 on an Ubuntu 17.10 or 18.04LTS distro. It can be found in the official Ubuntu repositories, yet needs a few modifications.

To install POV-Ray, open your Terminal by pressing Ctrl-Alt-T. Type in the following lines, executing each one by pressing the Return-key:

  sudo apt-get install povray
  mkdir -p ~/.povray/3.7
  cp /etc/povray/3.7/povray* ~/.povray/3.7/

You should now be able to use the command line version of POV-Ray, by just typing the command:


which should give you an error message stating that "No input file provided".

• One of the advantages of the command line version of POV-Ray is the ability to render multiple renders simultaneously by opening extra Terminal windows and launching new renders from those extra windows. Of course you'll get a speed penalty, your computing power gets divided by the number of renders you'll be having simultaneously!

• You can also batch render! Just type:

  povray render_one.ini ; povray render_two.ini

substituting render_one.ini and render_two.ini with your own to be rendered filenames. The second render will start the very moment the first has finished!

• Should you need to pause a render, then use the following command, in another Terminal window:

  killall -STOP povray

To resume the rendering again, use:

  killall -CONT povray

You have a render that needs to be done with a high(er) priority than the render(s) you have currently running? Simple, in a new Terminal window, type the following line:

  killall -STOP povray ; povray priority_render.ini ; killall -CONT povray

A fun fact about POV-Ray running under Ubuntu, something which the Mac version doesn't, is that it supports showing the progress of your render, in a graphical window! You can enable this in the whichever_render_you_want_to_run.ini file, by changing the line:




Render progress of 6923 Particle Ionizer

However keep in mind that we've only been able to use this up to Full HD renders, 1920 x 1080. When you try this on a 4K sized frame, 3840 x 2160, then the render will render all the way till the very end, yet not close the output file and exit with a crash. It does render with a usable 4K file till the end, when you disable the graphical preview window. This using the setting in the whichever_render_you_want_to_run.ini found above, producing a nice PNG, Targa or whatever file format you may have chosen.
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